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Teeth Whitening

We are pleased to have partnered with White Swan Aesthetics to offer professional teeth whitening treatments to our clients. Professional whitening can only legally be performed by a qualified dentist, and our partnership allows us to offer the highest quality and most effective treatments available. For the best results we recommend both in-clinic and at-home teeth whitening.

At your first appointment we will take impressions of your teeth, which will be used to make personalised suction moulds. These will then be used at home for two weeks to apply a carbamide peroxide bleach solution.

At your next appointment we will apply a powerful accelerator bleach. This is left on the teeth for up to an hour to bring your teeth to the whitest natural shade. Once completed, the results can be regularly topped up from home, making it cost-effective treatment in the long term. The procedure is completely safe when performed by a professional, and is used by dentists across the country.

If you’re interested our teeth whitening treatment please contact White Swan Aesthetics to book an appointment. You can contact them directly on 0333 577 7926 or via their website.

Teeth Whitening Prices

White Swan Whitening – £249

  • Boutique product
  • Used successfully in dental surgeries across the country
  • A professional product with excellent results

White Swan Ultimate Whitening – £499

  • Enlighten product
  • One of the only products in the world to guarantee shade B1
  • Near zero sensitivity
  • At home and dentist administered ‘power boost’

Top Up

  • White Swan Whitening top up Price £50
  • White Swan Ultimate Whitening top up Price £100

A full dental consultation is carried out by a White Swan dentist to ensure you are suitable for treatment and your starting tooth shade is taken.

Precise moulds of the upper and lower teeth are taken. These need to be very accurate so that the whitening trays will suction onto the teeth and allow the maximum concentration of bleach to adhere onto them.

Our teeth whitening trays, showing syringe administering bleach.

With the Ultimate Whitening you come into the salon for a 1 hour whitening ‘Power Boost” which should mean that your teeth reach that final perfect shade of B1.