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Profhilo Non Surgical Facelift

Profhilo is one of the most cutting-edge facial aesthetic treatments available today, and works to tighten the skin, reduce skin laxity and improve the overall texture and quality of the skin. Our partnership with the doctors and dentists at White Swan Aesthetics allows us to offer this exceptional treatment at Feel Fab Beauty.

Hyaluronic acid helps to provide volume and moisture in your skin. The amount of hyaluronic acid in your skin is reduced gradually as you age. Profhilo works by replenishing this lost hyaluronic acid naturally, which helps to revitalize the skin. This is why it’s often compared with using a potent topical rejuvenation cream.

We recommend two treatments for our clients, spaced around a month apart, with an optional third treatment two months later. The end result of Profhilo is like having a non-surgical facelift performed, leaving you with younger looking skin. To maintain the results of the treatment we recommend that the procedure is repeated every six months.

For more information on Profhilo or our other facial aesthetic treatments you can contact White Swan Aesthetics on 0333577 7926 or on their website.

Profhilo Prices

  • £250 per session