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Eyelash Lengthening Serum

Prescription eyelash lengthening is becoming an increasingly popular treatment, as people look for an alternative to the expense and inconvenience of false lashes. The treatment allows you to lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes in as little as a few weeks.

Our partnership with White Swan Aesthetics allows us to offer prescription eyelash lengthening to our clients. You simply take the serum home with you and apply it to your lashes before you go to bed. In a few weeks you will notice your lashes becoming fuller and longer. The treatment only takes around a minute to apply and is extremely straightforward. If you decide to discontinue the treatment your eyelashes will return to their original length.

If you’re interested in the treatment please contact White Swan Aesthetics to learn more and to book an appointment. You can contact them directly on 0333 577 7926 or via their website.

Prescription Eyelash Serum Price

  • £60 per 10 weeks