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Coaching Offer

Do you often find yourself wondering what steps to take to make improvements in any of the following areas?

  • Confidence (challenge your negative inner critic; practice liking yourself; use the support of trusted friends)
  • Wellbeing (maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid bad habits and procrastination, achieve life balance) 
  • Maintaining priorities 
  • Amplifying your inner voice (develop your individuality and uniqueness; accept all aspects of your personality, be true to yourself)
  • Understanding what makes you tick
  • Growing your own business
If yes, then I am able to help you. I am a qualified Personal Performance and Small Business coach with coaching experience in all of these areas. I am passionate and committed to help people develop their full potential, recognise their inner strengths and achieve an ideal life balance.

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Kostas The Coach
I was amazed as to how much I learned about myself and what I can do when I put my mind to it…I am still keeping up with all my goals thanks to Kostas.
Louise, Sunninghill 
I was able to use the sessions with Kostas to move from a general picture and direction to a more specific and defined direction. I was able to focus and challenge my thinking.
Kate, Bournemouth 
Having someone as my coach, who listened without judging and who assisted me all the way with practical strategies and kept me focused, has made all the difference…I felt incredibly supported and empowered at every stage.
Paula, Wokingham
Kostas has coached me over the development of my business. He asked clear questions, helped me define goals and was instrumental in helping me double my business turnover.
Jack, Bruton Somerset
The coaching support has enabled me to develop my reflective skills. I have noticed that I am much more aware of my thoughts and feelings and consequently I am more measured in my behaviour/actions.
Tara, Slough